It was announced in early 2016 the contract between Hasbro, Inc. and Fun Publications will not be extended and the 2017 International G.I. Joe Collectors Convention (JoeCon) is in question. The #SAVEGIJOE campaign was activated to show Hasbro that the demand for G.I. Joe and a yearly convention celebrating G.I. Joe is still alive and in high demand. Fans and their families have travelled from around the world to annually celebrate their love of G.I. Joe and have developed friends and extended families and many great memories to coninside these bonds. We ask that you, the fans of G.I. Joe, to take a moment and follow the suggested steps we have laid out to reinforce to Hasbro, Inc. that our passion is alive and well.
The #SAVEGIJOE campaign is spearheaded with an ever-growing online petition and the appropriate contacts at Hasbro, Inc. are aware of its existance. Please take the time to click the PETITION tab to and follow the directions listed there.

Write a courteous request to Hasbro, Inc. Nothing will speak the volumes of your passion for G.I. Joe more than a personal letter from you, the fan, to Hasbro. Please write a letter to:

Corporate Mailing Address:        The telephone number is:
   Hasbro, Inc.               (401) 431-8697
   1027 Newport Avenue
   Pawtucket, RI 02862

A one-page, professional letter clearly stating your desire to continue the G.I. Joe convention will greatly help the cause. Feel free to share some of your fun memories and, if you brought your family, the moments the family enjoyed. #SAVEGIJOE has convienently provided a default letter for you to easily download and print out. A zip file is available by clicking the LETTER tab to the left. Feel free to use what's provided as a proper business letter template and/or take our verbaige and modify it to more accurately express your personal experiences. E-mail is also an option and you can contact Hasbro, Inc. at:
#SAVEGIJOE also created a Facebook page to like and recieve real time updates on our campaign links to share and help promote. Feel free to not only like the page, but to share your experiences at Joe Con there for others to read and respond as well as help to create an online diary of our 30+ years at Joe Con. Share your meaningful GI Joe memories. Whether they were decades ago during a remembered Christmas morning, or more recent from JoeCon, we want to see and read your memories. Photos are always welcome.
#SAVEGIJOE has also begun a series of audio and video clips for you to enjoy and support. Please click the AUDIO and VIDEO links to the left to hear their heart-felt, and in some instances funny, messages. You can personally support the campaign by downloading our MEDIA zip file (to the left) and add our banners and Facebook covers to your social media outlets. Feel free to create your own with the hash tag #SAVEGIJOE and check back for more audio, video, and media updates.
We ask that Hasbro, Inc. please consider the impact that the G.I. Joe brand and JoeCon have had on countless lives and families worldwide. As longstanding members of the G.I. Joe fan community, we ask Hasbro to continue to provide this forum for generations of G.I. Joe fans to celebrate our love of the brand. Please consider continuing the International G.I. Joe Collectors Convention in 2017 and beyond. If you have any questions, please email us at . If you signed the petition, we thank you for your faith and support.
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